Riversdale Primary School provides a happy, stimulating learning environment where every child is valued. We seek to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge which will help pupils achieve their true potential through praise, encouragement and high expectation of work and behaviour.

We aim to:

Provide a broad and balanced curriculum with a sound grounding in the basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy together with the independence and confidence to apply these skills.

Foster lively, enquiring minds and enthusiasm for learning by treating children as individuals and building on their success.

Make children feel valued and respected so they can be confident and secure; willing to seek help in the understanding that overcoming difficulty is part of the learning process.

Develop, through example and explanation, a sense of responsibility, self discipline and respect – for one another, the school and community.

Show the importance of socialising and collaborating with sensitivity, consideration and humour.

Encourage aesthetic and spiritual awareness.

Allow children, staff, parents, governors and the community to share in our achievements and take pride in our school.

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Look at the outstanding report we received from the Inclusion Quality Mark assessor. We are very proud of everyone!

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Come on a happy tour of our lovely school....

Summer Reading challenge 2014
Year 1 photostories part 1
Year 1 photostories part 2
pupil premium 2


Pupil Premium Grant expenditure 2013-2014.The government has allocated a specific pupil premium grant to every school. Click here to read.

sports relief 2014
 Riversdale had a great day supporting Sports Relief. We wore sporty clothes, had crazy hair, and ran.  It was our chance to join thousands of people as we rose to the challenge, and raised cash to change lives, and have a great time too!

Smilebox Book Club 2014
maths 24 game jacksiobhan 2

24 Craze Hits Riversdale

Children and adults alike are going crazy for the exciting maths game called 24. It is an arithmetical card game in which the object is to find a way to manipulate four numbers so that the end result is 24.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication or division may be used.  The game is a great way for all Riversdale children to improve their mental maths skills.  Mental Maths is a whole school focus we have in Mathematics this year. All key stage 2 children will be playing the game in their classroom and later in the year, Year Five will be competing in a 24 tournament involving many schools across the borough.  Click here for more information about how to play.

Drama Club smilebox cover
praise cloud smaller


Have a look at some of the lovely things parents are saying about Riversdale! Click here to read more...

2013 Hindleap warren one

Riversdale Year 6 pupils had a great time in Hindleap Warren - lots of mud and adventure!
one small planet
Where on earth is Riversdale?

 Featuring the beautiful singing voices of the children, the film explores the feeling of unity and the specialness of Riversdale!
money week document pictures 2013

Maths Week

A big well done and thank you, to all the children, parents and teachers for their recent involvement in Money week. 

All children from Nursery to Year Six were involved in learning about Money.  All year groups also undertook an enterprise project so children could have real life experience dealing with and handling money.  Nursery and Reception sold their beautiful Diwali lamps to their parents.  Years 1 and 2 made and sold Rocky Road treats and cakes to each other.  Key Stage Two held their own market stall afternoon with children making and selling fruit skewers, milk shakes, shortbread and cakes.  

money week smilebox cover 2013

A group of children from Key Stage One had the opportunity to visit Pizza Express in Putney.  Whilst there they learned all about working in a restaurant and were able to enjoy some tasty pizza they made all on their own. 

The money boxes that were designed and made by many families were amazing.  Next time you are visiting the School Office be sure to take a moment to view some of the wonderful money boxes we have put on show. 

Our Riversdale Bank was a hit with the children with many earning Riversdale money to save in their special bank account.  Be sure to ask your child how much money they saved.

What a busy, fantastic time we had learning all about money in the world around us!

long bottom banner money week 2013
Flags and cities learning

As is usual for Riversdale, everyone has been extrememly generous. So far an astounding £1,120 has been collected. All the money collected will be going to support the people in the Philippines after the recent disaster. Thank you everyone, and well done....

Black history month winners

We celebrated Black History Month in our school with a variety of events and happenings. We have had a special assembly and children learnt about prominent Black figures in class. Pupils were asked to complete a questionnaire and create a poem about a famous Black person who could be a scientist, author, musician, inventor, TV personality or sports person from the past or present.

Some of the answers to the questionnaires could be found displayed around the school and others required a little research. Click here to see the questionnaires - you may also download them!

All poems will be collated and either displayed or become part of a book and be put on display.

In Key stage 1, including Reception, there were six prizes for the winners and six runners up prizes. In Key Stage 2 there was a tea party for the four winners and four runners up with the Deputy Head and Carla.

Events Riversdale
Events Riversdale - an exciting group venture encouraging children to record events and happenings at Riversdale.

Over on the school networking site 'Makewaves' we have an award winning station (Makewaves Champion School in 2011 & 2012). 'Events Riversdale' is one of our station's channels, and features reports on many of our events happening at Riversdale, both in and out of school. Click here to pop over and check it out!
makewaves champion
Riversdale have a wonderful 'station' on the school networking website 'Makewaves'. Chosen as Makewaves 'Best Primary School 2011'  and also again for 2012 and 2013. Our students can sign up as 'reporters', write stories and blogs, and see what other schools are doing.  Click to visit our station!
Red Nose Day 2013

 We tried to make the world's longest line of coins. Our line reached for 300 metres and we raised an astounding £330.75p.

Each class measured how long their contribution to the line was. They also added up how much money they had added to the line.

A very big thank you to Bernadette for counting all the 1p and 2p coins - what a job!

riversdale media blog
Riversdale Media
We have an awesome collection in our online media library! Here you will find all our visual media collected together in one place - Smileboxes, videos, wordles etc. Enjoy exploring and viewing those visual delights you may have missed the first time round and look forward to seeing many more .....
Riversdale pupils have once again made an impact on those running outside events! Read here all about the recent World Skills day.
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