Dear parents and carers,

Welcome to Year 1 and a warm welcome to any new parents in the school. We hope you all had a great summer and are ready for first term of Year 1. There are many differences between Reception and Year 1 but we ensure that the transition is smooth so that the children feel comfortable. The days are structured and follow a daily routine, a timetable will be available on the school’s website very soon. Below you will find information about the topics that will be taught and important information about the daily classroom routines.

Autumn Term Topic: All About Me!


In Literacy our Power of Reading books are Funny Bones, Old MacDonald Had a Farm and The Princess and the White Bear King.

The children will be learning how to label objects, parts of houses and parts of the body and learn about using captions to describe what the picture is about. They will be reading, and learning about stories through role-playing, retelling and writing. They will use their 5 senses to write poems and to help describe things in our writing. They will write information about animals, houses and castles.


In Maths the children will be using place value and number facts to solve problems. They will focus on the place value to at least 20 through counting, reading, representing and writing and will learn the numbers 1 more and 1 less. They will begin to learn the number bonds within 20, eg 5+5=10, 15+5=20). They will also learn about measurement through comparisons and practical measuring.


Science: Ourselves – The children will learn about the human body, with a focus on the main external and internal body parts and their functions, the 5 senses and the body parts that relate to them. They will learn about different types of animals and their offspring, with a main focus on UK based animals.

History: Homes and houses from the past – The children will compare old and new houses, looking at how homes have changed over time. There will be a major focus on castles throughout this unit.

R.E/PSHE: Ourselves & Celebrations - Find out about how people celebrate events, like a new baby, religious festivals and birthdays.

They will learn how to respect others and their differences and recognise our rights and responsibilities as part of a school and class community.

They will find out about different places, the people who work and use these places as well as knowing the people who help us.

P.E: P.E classes will be taken by Sarah this term. She will be focussing on the children’s fitness, basic sporting skills and coordination.  

Art: Art classes will be taken by Peter. He will teach the children a variety of artistic skills using different materials.

P.E Kit. Please can all children wear a white t-shirt, blue shorts and trainers (if outside). Please make sure that these are all named. These need to be brought every week as P.E. is part of the curriculum and children should be changing for P.E for hygienic reasons.

Emerald will have P.E on Thursday.

Sapphire will have P.E on Wednesday.

Swimming will be on Thursday taught by a qualified swimming teacher. All children are expected to swim as it is part of the curriculum. If they are not well enough to swim they are not well enough to be in school. Make sure that they bring a towel, swimming cap and swimming costume each week. There are spare swimming kits for those who do not bring their own to school.

Clothing: Make sure all clothing is labelled. This includes jumpers, trousers, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, hats and gloves. Permanent marker on the collar or inside the bottom of the jumper is easiest to recognise.

Home-School Book: This needs to be brought to school everyday. Parents should be signing the book once you have read with the child. The book also has a list of frequently used words, phonics, number bonds and other useful pages. Use this book as a way to communicate with the class teacher.

Library: Year 1 will visit the local library every two weeks. If you already have a Wandsworth library card in your child’s name could you please send it to school so that the library can create a temporary school card before returning the card to you. If you don’t have a library card a form will be sent home following the class’ visit to the library.

Homework. Homework will be given out on a Friday, please can all children bring their homework books back on a Wednesday.

Homework will include a maths, literacy and topic based task and a set of spellings.

There will be a spelling test every Thursday or Friday.

Pact Folders/Home Reading: Please bring your pact folder every day.

Reading books will be changed once the book has been read and signed in the diary. You should be reading with your child each night. If the book is too hard please write a note in the diary. The books are given at the reading level your child is reading at school. Help your child sound out the words they are struggling with and ensure that you are asking lots of questions about the book they are reading to check if they understand it.

Lateness to School/Absences: Please make sure that you bring your child to school on time each day so they are not marked as absent in the register. If they are late please take them to the office first to sign in. The bell rings at 8.55am each morning. It is important that your child is at school on time to get the most out of their learning. Phonics is usually taught first thing in the morning and is a vital element of Year 1 learning.

If your child is going to be absent you need to let the office know so that their teacher is aware. Any term time absences besides sickness need to be signed off by Amy Roberts (Head teacher) otherwise it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Behaviour In Year One we believe in lots of positive praise and encouragement. Children are required to follow the class rules that they agreed on. Both classes have their own behaviour management system to support their children in achieving their best.

Parent /Teacher Relationship: If you have any issues/concerns/praise that needs to be spoken about please write it in the Home School Diary or request an appointment through the Home School Diary to see the teacher. We are usually available after school each day to speak to you.

We both look forward to working with you and your children and together we will have a fantastic year.

Thank you, 

James & Sami

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum followed at Riversdale, you can look at the medium and long term plans for each year group.

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