Welcome to Year One's page. We have two classes, Emerald and Sapphire.

Topics covered this Summer Half Term:

Literacy: Tales such as Three Billy Goats Gruff, Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilockis & the 3 Bears.  They will sequence stories, act out the stories, retell the stories and work towards writing their own Traditional Tale. There will also be cross curricular links to other subjects such as Maths, D&T, Science and Geography.

Information texts – Children will be writing about different toys and materials focussing on giving information and describing them.

Mathematics: Counting, comparing and ordering numbers to 50 and above, addition and subtraction word problems, calculations with money, counting in twos, fives and tens, sharing and grouping of objects and amounts. We will be having a big focus on maths investigations using the skills they have learnt throughout the year and work as a team.


This half term our topics are based around Toys and Materials.

Science: Materials - We will be looking at what materials are made out of and why that material was chosen. We will also have a big focus on recycling materials and a trip to the Wandsworth recycling centre.

Geography: The World Around Us - We will find out where in the world everyone in the class comes from. Either where they were born or where their parents were born.

R.E: Belonging to a religion.

PHSE: Relationships.

P.E: Hockey, fitness, athletics, dance and swimming.

Art: Using colour in art, taught by Peter.

P.E Kit. P.E will still be on a Monday, please can all children wear a white t-shirt and blue shorts. Please make sure that these are named and brought to school every Monday. It is a requirement that children have their P.E kit and are changing into it.

Swimming will be on Thursday. All children are expected to swim as it is part of the curriculum. If they are not well enough to swim they are not well enough to be in school. Make sure that they bring a towel and swimming costume each week. There are spare swimming kits for those who do not bring their own to school.

Library: Sapphire class go to the library on alternate Fridays. Emerald class go to the library on alternate Wednesdays.

Homework. Homework will be given out on a Friday, please can all children bring their homework books back on a Wednesday.

Homework will include a maths, literacy and topic based task and a set of spellings.

There will be a spelling test every Thursday/Friday. 

Pact folders: Please bring your pact folder every day. The book being sent home is for you to enjoy with your child. If you require a harder or easier book please write a comment in the home school diary.

Punctuality to School: Please make sure that you bring your child to school on time each day so they are not marked as absent in the register.

Home-School Book: This needs to be brought to school everyday. Parents should be signing the book once you have read with the child. The book also has a list of frequently used words, phonics, number bonds and other useful pages. Use this book as a way to communicate with the class teacher.

Parent / Teacher Relationship: Please come and talk to me anytime after school or make an appointment at the office.

               James and Maggie

Year 1 photostories part 1
Year 1 photostories part 2
2013 Year 1 Sapphire
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