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There are three classes in the unit   Nursery, Rainbow and Sunshine Reception classes and there is lots of learning and lots of fun!

The key staff working in Early Years this year will be: Tracey (Rainbow Reception Class Teacher), Helen (Sunshine Reception Class Teacher), Eleeza (Nursery Class Teacher), Kirsty and Jade (Learning Support Assistants) and Jo and Talitha (Nursery Teaching Assistants).

 If you have any worries or concerns please feel free to approach any member of the team. It is usually best to speak to us at the end of the school day but anything urgent please speak to us in the morning.

Reception Rainbow timetable 2015/16
Rainbow Class timetable

We have activities set up that cover all of the areas of learning-Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Expressive Arts and Design.  Some activities the children can explore independently and others are focused tasks that require adult input. Each class has appropriately levelled focused adult tasks that the children must complete during the course of the day.

If you would like to print the timetable, here is a printer friendly A4 sized black and white version.


Reception Sunshine timetable 2015/16
Sunshine Class Timetable

If you would like to print this timetable, here is a printer friendly A4 black and white version.

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum followed at Riversdale, you can look at the medium and long term plans for each year group.

Medium term plans

Yearly plans

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You may view our Riversdale School Policy on the use of Photos and Videos here.

receptions explorations
Each day the children have adult led focused activities and a choice of lots of different activities to play independently with their friends both inside the classroom and the outdoor area. We spend time in our own classes but at certain parts of the day we mix up together.
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