A big welcome back to you all! We hope you had a lovely Easter break. The children have arrived looking fresh and eager to be back. I am looking forward to all the new things we have coming up for your children this term.

Please ensure your child is punctual and arrives in the playground by 8.55. Handwriting/mental maths lesson starts at 9am sharp.

Below is a list of topics covered this term, visits and hopefully some useful information.

P.E: At the moment P.E is on a Thursday. Children need the school P.E kit including trainers. Please ensure your child has the correct uniform on this day so they can participate otherwise they will have to sit out the lesson.

Science: Materials

History:  Aztecs

Art: Making model buildings, Drawings and clay pots.

I.C.T: We are presenters- video recording.  

Music: Dragon- Exploring

R.E: Water of Life, and St George’s Day

Spanish:  Spanish lessons will be on a Friday

Reading: I cannot emphasise enough how important it is for your child to be able to read confidently and with good comprehension in all areas of the curriculum. Please encourage him/her to read each night at home for at least 10 minutes. The more children read, the more fluent they become.  In year 3, your child will be encouraged to read more demanding books for longer periods of time, independently and with sustained concentration. They will also be encouraged to read independently in class for topic research purposes or to complement literacy work.

Pact Folders/Guided Reading: Children can change their reading books when needed, but we will check that they have been reading at home each night. Children will be grouped for guided reading sessions according to their ability.  Some children will have extra reading sessions on an individual basis.

Maths Targets/Next Steps: After we have tested the children on the times and division tables we will be giving out individual targets. The emphasis is on immediate recall, so children will at times revisit lower tables to check they still have instant recall. Please don’t worry or be upset. The table needs to be written out each night in the next steps book and brought into school each day.

Library: We will be going to the library every 3 weeks on a Friday morning. Our first session will be Friday 9th May

Homework: Homework will be given out on Friday and needs to be returned by the following Tuesday please.  They will be also be given spelling words on a Friday and will be tested on these the following Friday. If your child is struggling with a piece of homework, please speak to Lorren or myself. Alternatively, write a message on their homework. We encourage parents to help with the homework, but of course not to do it for them, as we need to know if children are struggling with something.

Finally, as I said before, do not hesitate to come and see me if you have any concerns, or if I have forgotten to do something that I said I would do, or make a mistake about something. Teachers are only human and make mistakes too!

With best wishes

                 Sarah and Lorren

Year 3 ammended timetable 2013
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