Year 6 Spring Term                                                                                                


A warm welcome back from the year 6 team! Congratulations on making the big time on ITV!

We hope you have had a relaxing holiday and the children are well rested and ready for the next term.

Now it is the countdown to SATs, we have many topics to cover and the children need to make sure they keep on top of work set. If your children do encounter any difficulties, please do encourage them to ask for help.

 In Literacy we will be focusing mainly on improving our writing across many types of texts. Much of literacy will be done through topic work. There are some real authors emerging in year 6!

In Maths we have many subjects to cover. Please do keep encouraging your children to learn their multiplications, as they will make much of the maths we cover quicker and easier. I have been blown away by their increasingly positive attitude to maths and real progress is being shown.

Our Science topics for this term are: evolution and the circulatory system and exercise. 

In Geography we will look in detail at Jamaica and Poland and will compare their diverse environments.

 In History we will carry on from WWII, working our way to present day and thinking about the changes which have taken place in our area.

We are lucky enough to have some great helpers aboard in year 6: Harriet is a student from Kingston University, Sara McDonald Wandsworth maths consultant and as always Millie is supporting the class daily.

Look forward to a great term ahead! 

Filming for the Martin Lewis Money Programme
On Wednesday 12th November, Year 6 were visited by Martin Lewis (money savings expert). Martin taught the children how to be wise with their savings and the children listened and took notes intently, whilst being filmed for T.V!

Not only did they learn about saving money, they also gained a deeper understanding of just how a television programme is filmed and just how much work has to go into a (what seems like) relatively short 30 minute programme. 3 cameras (manned by 3 people), 2 presenters, 2 directors, 1 hour of filming and 15 days worth of editing go into just 30 minutes of filming- something to think about next time you watch T.V!

Read our new newspaper- released next week to find out more...
Year 6 timetable 2014-15
Year 6 timetable

If you would like to print the timetable, here is an A4 sized PDF version
Hindleap warren two 2013

Hindleap Warren School Journey
In  November, Year 6 have the fantastic opportunity to go on a five day residential trip to Hindleap Warren.
This trip allows us to partake in some amazing outdoor adventurous activities, such as abseiling, orienteering, high rise adventure, archery and team challenge tasks. Not to mention crawling through pitch black, muddy, wet tunnels and going on night walks with torches looking for animals.
Not only are our days action packed but we are also kept very busy in the evenings too - diary writing, swimming, arts and crafts and story telling in our pyjamas with hot chocolate before bedtime.
It is an amazing experience and will give you  some special memories which you we will treasure for ever!

2013 Hindleap warren one
Year 6 and many of key stage 2 are all reporters on our award winning Radiowaves website.
 Please pop over and see our amazing work!
London Trip 2013 smilebox

In Year 6 we have many exciting adventures. This is a Smilebox of a trip that a year 6 class took around London in 2013. They enjoyed a wonderful coach trip around London and visited all the famous landmarks, including an exciting visit to 10 Downing Street!

Cllick here to view our Smilebox.

O2 concert year 6 page

You can have a look at some of the great newspapers Year 6 produced all about the Young Voices O2 concert - click here!.


We go on exciting trips including a one weeks residential trip to Hindleap Warren....  This is an amazing experience, where we cover aspects of the curriculum that can't be covered in a city school - such as rock climbing, watching the star, night walks, orienteering, and much more!

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