The Wandsworth & Graveney Primary Model United Nations General Assembly MUNGA 2014 took place on Tuesday 17th June. It gives Wandsworth Year 5/6 students a chance to participate in debating global issues. We learnt about debating, public speaking, decision making, global politics and citizenship. The MUNGA event had a real sense of occasion and encourages children to have the highest aspirations in the fields of international relations and political debate.
The theme for this year’s MUNGA was Article 27 (Adequate Standard of Living) of The United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDG goals, set in 2000, range from halving the number of people living in extreme poverty to providing universal primary education: all by the target date of 2015.
Shaqib, Lubna, Tiffany, Shannon, Aaliyah and Reece took part.
They represented Bangladesh. They made a poster to highlight the issues around Article 27 and Shannon delivered a speech about the poster. Lubna, Aaliyah and Reece took part in the competition debate speaking for the proposal that all governments should make sure no child goes hungry. Shaqib and Tiffany wrote and presented about our chosen country. The rest of the day was spent finding out how to pass motions and lobby other countries. It was a very interesting and informative day!

Year 6 summer term

As part of our London topic we have explored London; visiting famous landmarks along the way and studying the change of the London landscape throughout the centuries.

We will be focusing on PSHE topics living and growing and transition to Secondary school and how to deal with these changes.

Our topic this term is Ancient Greece, involving a variety of cross-curricular links. We will have a day of debate in Greek parliament, a day of sporting in the Riversdale Year 6 Olympics and cultural immersion involving art and food.

Raging rivers

Our Geography topic this term is rivers. Children will learn the vocabulary around rivers, the importance of rivers and the water cycle. In D.T the children will building bridges seeing how many cars their bridge can transport across a river.

In R.E we are focusing on the religion Hinduism, discovering its origins, how people follow the religion and what Hindus believe.

In the last few weeks we will be practising our end of year performance of CATS, which I had the pleasure of taking some of the children to see in May.

   Sarah & Millie

Hindleap warren two 2013

Hindleap Warren School Journey
In  November, Year 6 have the fantastic opportunity to go on a five day residential trip to Hindleap Warren.
This trip allows us to partake in some amazing outdoor adventurous activities, such as abseiling, orienteering, high rise adventure, archery and team challenge tasks. Not to mention crawling through pitch black, muddy, wet tunnels and going on night walks with torches looking for animals.
Not only are our days action packed but we are also kept very busy in the evenings too - diary writing, swimming, arts and crafts and story telling in our pyjamas with hot chocolate before bedtime.
It is an amazing experience and will give you  some special memories which you we will treasure for ever!

2013 Hindleap warren one
2013 maths game compilation

Maths in Year 6 is great fun! Here we played an exciting maths game...

Each ball had 0.2 written on it and there were 5 balls in total to make a whole. Each child had a turn throwing the balls into the hoop. However many balls got in the hoop became their number to work with.

They recorded the percentage of balls that got in the hoop as a decimal number and a fraction. The winner was the child who had the largest fraction/ decimal number, but some children took it even further and added up the total of all their turns.

2013 Year 6 timetable
Year 6 and many of key stage 2 are all reporters on our award winning Radiowaves website.
 Please pop over and see our amazing work!
London Trip 2013 smilebox

In Year 6 we have many exciting adventures. This is a Smilebox of a trip that a year 6 class took around London in 2013. They enjoyed a wonderful coach trip around London and visited all the famous landmarks, including an exciting visit to 10 Downing Street!

Cllick here to view our Smilebox.

O2 concert year 6 page

You can have a look at some of the great newspapers Year 6 produced all about the Young Voices O2 concert - click here!.


We go on exciting trips including a one weeks residential trip to Hindleap Warren....  This is an amazing experience, where we cover aspects of the curriculum that can't be covered in a city school - such as rock climbing, watching the star, night walks, orienteering, and much more!

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