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Hindleap Warren School Journey
In  November, Year 6 have the fantastic opportunity to go on a five day residential trip to Hindleap Warren.
This trip allows us to partake in some amazing outdoor adventurous activities, such as abseiling, orienteering, high rise adventure, archery and team challenge tasks. Not to mention crawling through pitch black, muddy, wet tunnels and going on night walks with torches looking for animals.
Not only are our days action packed but we are also kept very busy in the evenings too - diary writing, swimming, arts and crafts and story telling in our pyjamas with hot chocolate before bedtime.
It is an amazing experience and will give you  some special memories which you we will treasure for ever!

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your Christmas Holidays.


This term is extremely important for Year 6, as you know we have upcoming SATs. We are focusing on core exam skills. We are fortunate enough to have Sara and Miranda who come in one day a week to focus on maths skills with the children and Sandra who continues to work with Numicon.



This term we are comparing two books: ‘Then’ (fiction) and ‘Hana’s Suitcase’ (non-fiction). There is no written exam this year; all levels are decided through the written evidence in the children’s books across a range of writing (Literacy, History and Science). Therefore it is of vital importance that the children to keep this in mind at all times when working in their books. All work should be completed to their best ability, in their neatest handwriting.



We are continuing to consolidate the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Last term we focused on addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. This term we are focusing on problem solving using prior knowledge. A more secure knowledge of the timetables will improve their confidence, accuracy and speed in answering questions. We are working on past exam questions and children will acquire a greater understanding of areas of their personal development.


Topic and Science

History and geography will be linked to the book ‘Hana’s Suitcase’. Each week we will discover more about the life of Hana Brady through asking questions: where, why, when, where, what and how.

In Science we will be learning about animals (including humans) with a particular focus on the circulatory system and staying healthy.



We still have P.E on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, so please ensure that children have their P.E kits on these days (including trainers). We continue our sports programme at Southfields Academy with Jason who is teaching the children Badminton this term. Monday’s session will be slightly different; it will be a physical maths session where children will be revising core maths skills through games. 



Next steps and reading should be completed daily.

Monday: The children will have spellings (tested on Friday) and maths homework due in on Wednesday.

Wednesday: There will be an extended writing task due in for the next day. There is also mental maths books where parts a, b and c have to be completed by the following Monday.

Friday: There will be another extended writing task, a grammar task and maths homework.


Thanking you in advance for your daily support with your child’s learning.

Sarah and Millie.

2013 Hindleap warren one
2013 maths game compilation

Maths in Year 6 is great fun! Here we played an exciting maths game...

Each ball had 0.2 written on it and there were 5 balls in total to make a whole. Each child had a turn throwing the balls into the hoop. However many balls got in the hoop became their number to work with.

They recorded the percentage of balls that got in the hoop as a decimal number and a fraction. The winner was the child who had the largest fraction/ decimal number, but some children took it even further and added up the total of all their turns.

2013 Year 6 timetable
Year 6 and many of key stage 2 are all reporters on our award winning Radiowaves website.
 Please pop over and see our amazing work!
London Trip 2013 smilebox

In Year 6 we have many exciting adventures. This is a Smilebox of a trip that a year 6 class took around London in 2013. They enjoyed a wonderful coach trip around London and visited all the famous landmarks, including an exciting visit to 10 Downing Street!

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O2 concert year 6 page

You can have a look at some of the great newspapers Year 6 produced all about the Young Voices O2 concert - click here!.


We go on exciting trips including a one weeks residential trip to Hindleap Warren....  This is an amazing experience, where we cover aspects of the curriculum that can't be covered in a city school - such as rock climbing, watching the star, night walks, orienteering, and much more!

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