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We were given some eggs, and an incubator, by Deen City Farm. A lady called Aga came into our school and showed us a lovely brown chicken, and told us all about the incubator, and explained how long the eggs will need to stay there, before they begin to hatch.  It would take 21 days for them to hatch out.

When they hatched, and had dried out (they come out of the eggs slightly wet), we put them in a special place, a big wooden nursery for chickens. We kept the chickens for a week, and we were able to pick them up!

(All the chickens have now hatched and are now back at Deen City Farm)

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Our eggs started hatching in about 21 days. We began with sixteen eggs, but one was slightly cracked, so we put fifteen eggs into the incubator.

The incubator had to stay at a constant temperature, and it had a special cradle which rocked the eggs, so that they got the warmth from the incubator all over.
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We have had 9 chicks hatch out, and after running around quite happily in their own little nursery enclosure for a week they went back to the farm..  Each class had a chicken to name, and we are all had a class vote on which name was the one we chose for our chick!
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