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royal celebration large Riversdale Primary School celebrated the Royal Wedding in style. The children and their families designed and made wedding carriages. These were extremely detailed and decorative, and whilst most were doll sized, two children actually came to school in theirs! All the children arrived at school dressed as princes and princesses from around the world and had royal wedding themed lessons.

 In the afternoon, there was a “street party” in the playground which had been decorated with bunting, balloons and Union flags. Even the party food was red, white and blue! Games included pin the tail on the corgi and traditional country dancing.

Click here to read a Radiowaves story about the day - and watch our THREE great Smileboxes of our wonderful celebrations (photos and music, links under the story).

My Pet Gecko

    I go to Riversdale school and me and my brothers have a pet gecko, my gecko is all different colours and eats worms, crickets and locusts. He has to eat them when they are alive. He has a leopard skin and a long tail that can fall off if he is dropped, his tail can grow back. In his tank he has to have a heat pad and a light, his tank is very colourful and has a background of a desert. His name is Iggy and he is a very gentle pet, we hold him and stroke him, all our friends and family really like him.

    We have to change his water on a daily basis and his tank needs cleaning out around once a month. He should only eat once a day, his favourite food is crickets, they make lots of noise in the night.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our gecko and looking at our pictures.

Thank you

cycle training
    Some of Year 6 undertook the level 2 cycle training provided by Wandsworth Borough Council. It consisted of four two hour sessions, one in the playground to assess skill levels and check the roadworthiness of the cycles, followed by three afternoons out on the local roads of Southfields. The participants learned how to turn left and right safely from minor to major roads and major to minor roads and also completed a written theory test. They all learnt a lot and also enjoyed themselves, whilst becoming much safer road users.
       Miranda Churchill

year 6 webpages

At one time, Year 6 had their own set of blog pages  - an interesting interactive site for the whole class to get involved with. Amy (year 6 teacher) often posted questions to the class (one of them being 'tell us one fascinating fact about yourself'), and the children could comment online.  We hid the names of the commenteers and had a great time guessing which fascinating fact belonged to who!
Click on the photo of the frog to be taken to our site.

young robin Cheeky Chappy!

Our youngest robin comes into the kitchen every day for his lunch of grated cheese.

Redmond - yr 4
redmonds robin Redmonds Robin

This is a lovely picture of a cheeky little robin spotted in Redmonds garden at the weekend.

The UK's favourite bird - with its bright red breast it is familar throughout the year and especially at Christmas! Males and females look identical, and young birds have no red breast and are spotted with golden brown. Robins sing nearly all year round and despite their cute appearance, they are aggressively territorial and are quick to drive away intruders. They will sing at night next to street lights.

Where to see them

Across the UK in woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens.

When to see them

All year round.

What they eat

Worms, seeds, fruits and insects.

stacey shoes
Two shoe tippy toes

I know that getting up and getting dressed whilst still being awake is a challenge for a lot of us...... Many a time I have arrived at school wearing something inside out! However, one teacher at school arrived looking distinctly different - wearing ODD shoes!!!! They never even noticed until another member of staff noticed and asked them if they were starting a new fashion.... hehehehehe.

Have YOU ever arrived at school wearing something strange by mistake????
windows yr 5
A long time ago in January 2010 ... 
     Work begins on the replacing of our school windows.  The builders have organised their work so that they can change the windows in one classroom at a time, causing the minumum of disruption.  Its very exciting watching them carry out the work.  The outside of the our building is covered in scaffolding (two sides of it anyway), which is covered from top to bottom with netting.  We wonder where the pigeons will be sleeping!  Jacqui, who is the site manager, has taken some great pictures of the belltower, and our huge school bell that lives up there.  We can see the hole in the floor where the bell tower rope used to fit, if you look up at the ceiling above the stage in the top hall. We will be showing you pictures taken from the top of our belltower soon!
astroturf jibjab

Soccer Fever hits Riversdale

Click here to view members of our staff running around and playing amazing football!  See anybody here you recognize?
Wendy Squeezebox 380
Smiley Winner

    One of our staff members today was bouncing around all over the staff room and the playground at lunchtime. Wendy had just heard she had won the Logitech competition for the most voted for video that week. (She had to make a video to the beat of 'we will rock you') The prize, a high tech Squeezebox, means she can now play streaming internet radio, or hear music stored on her computer...... (to be honest her computer whizz kid son Taylan, an ex Riversdale pupil, is setting it up for her - his digitally streamed brain has a quicker grasp of these things!) 

    Riversdale now has its own YouTube channel which will be featuring the completed work of some of our Yr 6 animation students. Visit our RiversdalePrimary YouTube channel now and enjoy some of our performance poetry!

    Logitech have now very kindly donated 6 brand new webcams to our school, to be used in the making of our stop motion animation films! Thank you Logitech!  We look forward to sharing our creations with you when they are finished - we will put them up here on our web site.
    WendyElf - January 2010
election youtube

Election Special

Click here to watch out new Youtube video, all about the engrossing Riversdale Elections.  We had lots of film footage, so this is just a very small slice of the action!  The Mayor of Wandsworth herself told us how much she had enjoyed watching this video, when we visited her in Wandsworth Town Hall.

head louse
Mystery Picture

On the right here we have a mystery picture.  What is it?  The clues are actually in the picture itself, read the caption on the photograph.  This picture was taken with a usb microscope at 400x.  This means it was magnified 400 times!  If you know what this minibeast might be, send an email to us at: riversdalelondon@yahoo.co.uk and let us know what you think it might be.  We will give you the answer at the end of February!  (yes - it's a head lice!)
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