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Budding reporters
    Budding reporters work on their news report that feature on our 'Roving Reports' web pages.

Children all around the school are keen to get their work out to the rest of us, and are now gathering their words and pictures together. Keep up the good work everyone! 
We also feature some of our lovely Smileboxes showcasing exciting events we have participated in...
Meeting the Mayor
Meeting the Mayor of Wandsworth

The Ginger Party, the Sports Party, the Happy Party, the Magic Party, the SuperHeroes Party and the Riverservative Party leaders all visited Wandsworth Town Hall to have a chat with the Mayor of Wandsworth.

She had heard all about our amazing elections in school, and invited us over to sit with her in the 'Mayors Parlour' and chat and have refreshments. We shared party political themes with her, and she told us how much she had enjoyed watching our Youtube video of our election process!

baby elephants

May 2010

Baby Elephants in Southfields

The summer term is here and the elephants are going on safari.

A herd of baby elephants that were being kept in the Access Self storage store across the road have just trekked to other parts of London. We thought we might have noticed 250 elephants in Southfields but these are painted models that are being used as part of a conservation campaign. They are to be sold to raise money to save endangered Asian elephants. Now where could we put an elephant….?

Riversdale Reporter MB

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Let me introduce one of our Roving Reporters to you. Margaret Brett will be supplying us with a regular column of local news.


28th January 2010

Traffic issues.

Most of the northern part of Wandsworth ground to a standstill on Tuesday 26th January because of an accident on the north side of Wandsworth Bridge. This meant some of our children were made late for their visit to the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon.

On a warning note there was an accident outside St Faith’s School because a child got out on the traffic side of the car instead of onto the pavement.  For those who do come by car please make sure the children get out onto a pavement.

There is a picture of Riversdale School in this week’s edition of Building Design. It is part of their article on the Grade II Listing of certain Victorian school buildings by English Heritage.

18th January 2010

It has been great to see that in this cold weather there have been lots of great neighbours.  People have been helping each other by getting shopping or prescriptions, and giving the elderly lifts to the doctors or hospital.
Also we have been looking after the birds by putting out food for them. This is an important source of nourishment for them at this time of year, when they need to survive our cold winters.

There has been a rumour going around that ‘Big John’, who is the local Southfields character, had died. This is not true!

The school is following the Southfields trend and has the builders in. The windows on the north and east sides are being replaced. This will make the classrooms warmer in the winter.

Sainsbury's has applied to the Council for planning permission to open a Sainsbury's Local at the Access Self Storage unit at the junction of Kimber Road and Merton Road, near the school.  They want to have an ATM there as well. This may take a little time as some 170 local residents have been consulted but I think it will be a useful addition in this part of Southfields.

Redomonds snowman
          Redmond's Report
I decided to make a mini snowman in the back garden.  My dad found a disc of ice which had formed on the top of a bucket and I used that for the snowman's face.
My mum had left a vase of flowers on the garden table.  The water in the vase froze and expanded causing the glass to break. When the glass was cleared away, we found the flower stems in an ice vase.
                Redmond - Year 4 - January 2010
     Hi - it's Sabeena, Lilly, and Kaiya here.

Little children love to ZOOM around. They love swimming and lots of other things too.  We have fun stuff in 2010. The staff is making the school better each year!

Books are exciting, because they are adventurous. The authors that we like are Jacqueline Wilson, Roald Dahl, and Julia Jenson.

We have very healthy food. We are not allowed fizzy stuff or juice and sweets.

The little children like to play on the apparatus.  We play very nicely.  The staff are great.  Riversdale is the best in the whole wide world!

             Love from Kaiya, Lilly, and Sabeena.
Playground compilation
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