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    We have put together lots of 'Smileboxes'. These are a way of displaying and sharing photographs and videos is a fun and interesting way. You can add text and music to go with your photographs. We have been using these Smilebox creations within our classrooms to display on our interactive classroom whiteboards. CLICK HERE to be taken to our media website where you will find all our archived Smileboxes and many videos. The length of time it takes for the Smileboxes to load depends on the speed of your broadband.
Decorated egg competition The last day of the spring term saw a decorated egg competition. There was an amazing display of artistic talent, ingenuity and even topicality. Some families had even "blown" their eggs to remove the contents leaving the shells intact for decoration.
PTC treasure hunt Book Day 2015
The PTC organised an exciting literary treasure hunt for Book Day 2015.
Pirate Day Smilebox



Early Years held an exciting day where everyone dressed up as a Pirate!

Hindleap Warren smilebox 2012
Every year our year 6 class at Riversdale enjoy a residential adventure week at Hindleap Warren. Watch our Smilebox and have a glimpse at our fun filled time there!
Childrens eye View
    Some lovely Fisher Price childrens cameras are being used in Reception. These have proved to be a very popular addition to the Early Years, and the children have been able to take photographs from their own unique viewpoint!  We shall enjoy sharing their pictures with you - here are just a few from the first batch. There is a rota system whereby all the children have a turn at using the cameras.  Well done you fledgling photographers!
Smilebox - Year 2

   A glimpse of life in Year 2. See if you can make the apple roll across the page!
Wet Play fun    
   It was a very snowy cold, wet day, so we stayed in one lunchtime. We had a great time in Year 1, dressing up, playing with the many toys and games, and colouring in.
Riversdale Elections
Riversdale Revels in Electrifying Election

    Normally school age children find the election of a new prime minister a boring process. Their television programmes are taken from the schedule and instead are replaced with dry political debate. However, at Riversdale Primary School every child is eagerly participating in the election process. 
    Each child wrote their own manifesto as to what their policies would be if they were elected Prime Minister.  These ranged from Felicity in Year one stating that she would make sure that everybody who had to go to hospital would have someone to hold their hand, to Cate in year 6 who would personally fill in every pothole in the country.
   Children elected an MP for every class and then the hustings were held.  Each MP and their team have produced banners, posters, badges and flyers. Every child will visit the ballot box on Thursday May 6th and cast their vote!   
    Will it be - the Happy Party, the Sports Party, the Ginger Party, the Riverservatives, the SuperHero Party, the Magic Party.  We wait with debated breath! 

Animations lessons    
     Southfields School was the venue for the first of series of Animation lessons that Yr 6 took part in. These photographs were taken on the day of the heavy snows, so we were much reduced in student numbers. These pictures were very useful in showing the rest of the class what we did, and helped them understand and catch up with what work was missed. 
Reception Fun 280  

A really great Smilebox - we love the background music, and the funny picture of Lesley in it!
Polka Theatre Trip James and the Giant Peach
    Years 1& 2 went to the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon to watch a production of James and the Giant Peach.  They travelled by underground from Southfields to Wimbledon then walked along Wimbledon Broadway to the theatre.  The production was great fun and a good time was had by all.  As the weather was very cold, so the children had an indoor picnic back at school!

Riversdale News issue 3 - 80
Riversdale News - Issue 3
Riversdal News - issue 5 - 120
Riversdale News - Issue 4
Smilebox - Riversdale News 2 - 280
The Riversdale News - Issue 2.
We learn about the many medals Usamah won, and see the builders who are working on putting in our new windows.
As you can see there is snow on the ground!

Smilebox - Issue 1

  Issue 1 of Riversdale News. The first in a series of Newspaper Reports about events happening in Riversdale.
Smilebox - I love school yr 2 large
   Explore the exciting world of Year 2. The classroom looks beautiful with all the wonderful bright displays, and the work of the children.  Year 2 have an exciting place to work and play!

Life in yr4 320


We often use our Smileboxes to show photos that we have taken around school in a fun and interactive way. Here is one we made using a photographs taken around the classroom in Year 4. Featuring some interesting poses we got into during our drama lesson!

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